Is your child bored at home?

Need stimulation?

Then subscribe to the iWonder Pod to have your child improve their social skills with our team of healthcare professionals and online friends!

Each virtual class is synchronous with the Learning and Behavioral Center's 15th Annual Summer Camp courses.

About Us

The iWonder Pod is a monthly subscription of daily virtual classes. All materials needed for the classes are provided to you, so there is no need to prepare!

We are here to help children put their imagination and creativity to play with tons of new friends. iWonder uses the evidence-based principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is created for children of all different backgrounds and developmental abilities. This is why we have created our activities with the support of educators and health professionals (speech language pathologists, board certified behavior analysts, occupational therapists, psychologists, and pediatricians) to create an inclusive box that can stimulate the minds of all learners. Our lessons will develop your child's problem solving, gross/fine motor, comprehension, and speaking skills while having the smartest fun they've ever had!

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iWonder What Our Customers Say...

We have been in love with our Monthly pod for two months now and are obsessed. As a Early Childhood Education educator I really see so many of the actual and scientific benefits that my child is learning right before my eyes! And having fun doing as well, with COVID it has been hard for her to really engage in social gatherings with other children which is something crucial at her age. IWonder has helped us with that at home! We can’t wait for the months to come.

Brittany Castro

iWonder What Our Customers Say...

As a speech language pathologist who works with pediatrics and school aged children, I have found that the iWonder box subscription is phenomenal! We used a few boxes at our clinic and the children LOVED it! I highly recommend it and can’t wait to get our iWonder box every month!!!!!

Naomi Ester ‘Rahmani’ Sarai

iWonder What Our Customers Say...

My kid loved it!!! And the classes were very easy to follow along! Thank you so much for making it so easy & entertaining. Keeps my 2 kiddos busy while I tend to my infant.

Dorita Ariela

iWonder What Our Customers Say...

My girls loved their iWonder experience so far! Thank you for creatingan engaging and fun program that allows children to work hands on activities to keep the joy of learning! It was also so helpful for parents since all the materials were included. We look forward to more iWonder fun!

Elham Ribeiro de Lemos